Fighters with the Tihama Resistance.
 Refugees from Somalia and Eritrea look at the Sea-Watch from the freight ship Shaya after they were rescued by the vessel's crew. 
 A member of a German-run private security company prepares his M-16 rifle, while a Nepali employee does the dishes. 
 Zahir (left) and Kabir, Afghan refugees, wake up after a night in a makeshift tent, Subotica, Serbia. They are waiting for smugglers to take them to nearby Hungary. 
 Anil, 15, crawls out of a so called rat hole in a coal quarry in the Jaintia Hills in the state of Meghalaya, India. There are an estimated 5000 mines in the Jaintia Hills. The working conditions are extremely dangerous.  According to workers about four people per month die in the mines. The work is often done by minors as young as seven.
 A man overlooks a well where others fetch water on the Gourougou Hill overlooking the Spanish exclave Melilla from Nador, Morocco.